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About Holistic Living

Holistic Living incorporates all aspects of an individuals lives that are contributing or hindering their wellness.  We will look at Body, Mind, and Spirit and find ways to maintain balance within the body.  We understand that each body is unique and has different needs.  Through personal assessments we can narrow down areas that need to be supported to regain this balance. 

The Healthy Gut Program

The truth is that many of our bodies imbalances begin in our gut and digestive system.  Our body needs to be able to properly breakdown and eliminate foods in order to extract the nutrients from the foods we eat.  If it is unable to do this we can see nutrient and mineral depletions that in turn then lead to other body systems under functioning.  So it really is true that good health begins in the gut.

My Gut Health Program will teach you which foods help to reduce inflammation in the body and the signs and symptoms to look for when your gut is out of balance.  We will not only address nutrition but we will also look at possible lifestyle practices that might be a contributing factor and ways to change these.

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Organic Vegetables
Rock Balancing

The Hormone Balance Program

Tired of feeling tired, bloated, moody, anxious, PMS, constipation, and overwhelmed?  These are just a few of the many symptoms of hormone imbalance.  

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